Councillors support protest

Ken Macintosh, Scottish Labour’s shadow spokesman on Education, recently met with local councillors to discuss ways to support the students, staff and citizens of Angus in light of the Scottish Government cuts to Angus College.

Mr Macintosh met with Angus councillors Peter Murphy and Margaret Thomson to discuss the year on year cuts imposed that have caused many staff to leave the College resulting in increased pressure to the services it can provide.

But for the Scottish Government to continue to impose cuts to the budget at Angus College seems an extraordinarily unwise policy and was certainly going to exacerbate joblessness in Angus rather than giving particularly young people the skills they need to compete to secure employment.

At a time when unemployment for young people and the longterm unemployed is continuing to increase in Scotland, Ken Macintosh confirmed that as Shadow Minister he would be taking action at Holyrood.

Margaret Thomson said that at this time of economic austerity people need as much assistance as possible to aid them back to work and the Scottish Government’s policy is certainly not going to do that.