Council recommends Kirrie Police Station approval

ANGUS Council have recommended that permission be granted to change the ground floor of the current Kirriemuir Police Station into an Access office and Police Museum.

In a report presented to the development standards committee, Eric Lowson, director of infrastructure services, recommended the application be approved if certain conditions were met.

The site, which lies within Kirriemuir Conservation Area, will have a part change of use with the Police Station moving to the first floor and the ground floor incorporating both an Access office and a museum.

Although some minimal changes will be made within the ground floor of the building no external changes will be made apart from a replacement timber door to serve as the main entrance to the Access office.

Mr Lowson said: “The application has been advertised as development in a Conservation Area.

“As Angus Council is the applicant, the proposal requires to be determined by the development standards committee.”

Neither the Head of Roads, Scottish Water or the Head of Economic Development and Environmental and Consumer Protection, have raised any objections while the community council have made no comment.

Mr Lowson said: “The determining issues in this case are whether the proposal complies with development plan policy, will have an adverse impact on the character or appearance of the conservation area or gives rise to any material considerations that justify a departure from development plan policy.”

The proposals are assessed in regards to support for town centres, upper floor use and development affecting conservation areas.

Angus Council intend to support town centres throughout the county by promoting and developing opportunities which sustain the role and key functions of each of the Angus towns and their central areas and safeguard their exisiting character.

The local authority also state that they support the use of upper floors in town centres for both residential and non-residential purposes subject to amenity considerations.

As the proposed development is in a conservation area it must meet certain criteria to be accepted. It must respect the character and appearance of the area in terms of size, layout and design. It should also contribute positively to the setting of the area and retain particular features which contribute to the character and appearance of the area.

Mr Lowson said: “I am satisfied that the proposed mix of uses should not have any significant impact on the amenity of this town centre area.

“The application site is located within the town centre area and this is characterised by a mix of commercial, service and residential uses.

“The building has been used as a police station for a number of years and there has been a degree of activity associated with that use.

“The proposed mis of uses will continue to ensure a degree of activity and this is consistent with the nature of activity that contributes to the character of the conservation area at this location.

“Accordingly I do not consider that the proposed change of use will adversely affect the character of the conservation area.

“In terms of impact on the appearance of the conservation area the proposal involves only minimal changes to the exterior of the building including a raised ground level of 90mm around the access door to the Police Museum and a replacement timber front door for access to the Council’s Access office.”

The proposal has been recommended for approval as it is in line with the relevant development plan policies already in place within the Kirriemuir Town Centre.

Two conditions must be met, the work must begin within three years of permission being granted and the replacement door must be painted to match the exisitng one.