Council commitment to home safety

Lewis Ramsay, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Assistant Chief Officer, visited Angus to see the valuable work Angus Council is doing to help improve home safety and reduce fire deaths and accidents in council buildings.

He met housing officers at new council houses which, like all of the council’s new houses, include sprinkler systems before meeting members of the council’s scrutiny and audit committee to discuss the benefits of the joint preventative approach between the council and fire service.

Councillor Paul Valentine, convener of the council’s police and fire sub-committee, said: “We know how important it is to keep our residents safe, and prevention of fire occurrence is one of the best things we can do to achieve this. That’s why all our new-build council houses have sprinklers as standard.”

ACO Ramsay said: ”This is just the kind of commitment to home fire safety we would like our local authority partners to undertake. It shows real leadership from Angus Council in demonstrating how it should be done. We know prevention can have a massive impact in not only saving lives but reducing the enormous upset and upheaval that accidents can bring.”