Cosgrove Award for Margaret

LETHAM and District Community Council have announced the winner of this year’s James Cosgrove Award.

They were delighted to present the award to Margaret Fleming who was nominated to receive the award by members of the community in recognition of her long standing commitment to the community through her extensive work with the local drama group.

Margaret started the group, with a friend, as a fourteen year old in 1978, seeking something to do in the evenings.

From this early start the group has developed into a highly successful organisation involving all age groups.

Over the years there have been challenges to be faced. Indeed it was only through the determination and enthusiasm of Margaret that the group has been able to keep the varying age groups involved following the introduction of child protection legislation.

Policies and arrangements had to be put in place in order to comply with complicated legislation - not an easy task. Each year the group put on a pantomime involving a full cross section of the community, including between 30 and 40 children and later in the year an adult production.

The next production soon to be presented is a new challenge, a French farce.

As Letham has recently twinned with a French village this production should be an interesting and entertaining development!

Previous recipients of the award were on hand to congratulate Margaret when she was presented with the award.

They included Jack Dey and Tom McClung who are preparing for their busy season of grass cutting and maintenance of the green paths in and around Letham.

In order to help them, Letham & District Community Council and the Feuars’ Committee are hosting the annual litter pick this Sunday.

Every body is welcome to go and help and then join the Feuars’ Committee for a free lunch.