Connor ‘over the moon’ with Blue Peter badges

Connor proudly showing off his Blue Peter badges at Forfar Academy.
Connor proudly showing off his Blue Peter badges at Forfar Academy.

A third year pupil at Forfar Academy has had all his wishes come true - twice - thanks to the popular BBC T.V. programme ‘Blue Peter’.

Connor Robertson could not believe his luck when he received not one, but two of the prestigious and highly coveted Blue Peter badges - and he is now working towards his third.

A pupil at the school’s Hi-Fab base, Connor explained: “I always wanted a Blue Peter badge for Christmas but never imagined I would get two.”

He was awarded his first ‘Blue’ badge for a Blue Peter Man comic that he devised in his social subjects class with teacher Sarah Wallace. It follows the story of Barney Harwood, aka Blue Peter Man, who saves Santa.

Miss Wallace commented that the letter accompanying the badge stated that Blue Peter loved Connor’s sense of humour and found the comic very funny. Connor also sent a letter to accompany the comic to tell the Blue Peter team about his love for the show and some of his favourite episodes, which included the Dr Who special and the one where the presenters were gunged.

The second, ‘silver’ badge was awarded for continued effort of sending in pictures and letters, after Connor sent in his second comic. This time it was a radioactive spider that would bite people and give them the power to present Blue Peter.

Connor is over the moon with his badges and plans to continue trying for his ‘purple’ badge in the near future.

He said: “I love my badges and I think Blue Peter is the greatest TV show on Earth.”