Compelling story of Anne Frank at the Meffan Gallery

Anne Frank Ambassadors
Anne Frank Ambassadors

A compelling exhibition chronicling the life of Anne Frank and her family runs in the upper gallery at The Meffan in Forfar until Saturday.

‘Anne Frank - A History for Today’ is presented by the Anne Frank Trust UK.

It covers themes such as Anne’s diary and the history of the Frank family; the introduction of the Nazi racist state; the victims and appalling consequences of the Holocaust and the deliberate and organised nature of genocide.

The exhibition challenges us to think about how these issues are relevant today and what we can do to prevent prejudice and discrimination.

The exhibition is the integral part of the Trust’s Schools Programme. The Trust’s mission is to use Anne Frank’s life and diary to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

A spokesperson said: “We hope that by bringing our exhibition to the Meffan we are able to share Anne’s story and our message to more people.” For more information about the Trust and its work visit