Community to benefit from Carrach wind farm

The first of two public exhibitions to allow local people to view and comment on the Carrach Wind Farm proposals will take place at Kingoldrum Village Hall on Wednesday, March 23 between 12 and 8pm.

The exhibition will allow people to discuss the project with the local landowners proposing the scheme and with technical experts who have worked on the design of the project.

Information about what the wind farm would look like, the infrastructure that would be needed to support it and the work that has been carried out to address potential environmental and other issues will also be available.

Separately there will also be information about the proposed community benefit fund that will rise to at least £40,000 per year to be shared with local communities should the project get the go-ahead.

Feedback on options to develop a community trust to disperse the funds will be sought, as well as suggestions for spending priorities in the local area.

Speaking on behalf of the partnership Alistair Lang, one of the co-founders said: “We are keen that local people come and talk to us about the proposal and offer their feedback regardless of whether that is positive or negative.

“If approved, the wind farm would be part of the local area for several decades to come and we want to make sure that the project strikes the right balance for us and the community.

“The community benefit fund could be a good way to help address local needs in the area, but it will need active support from the community to get it moving should the wind farm be built.

“It’s still early days with the fund proposals, so we are keen to get feedback on how the trust could be administered and what local priorities might be.”

For those who can’t make the event the website provides information and a feedback form.

Carrach Wind Farm will use ten 800kW turbines of a maximum height of 84 meters to the tip of the blades; the capacity is 8 MW and the expected electricity generation would be equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 4,500 homes.

The community benefit payment from Carrach will be based on a rate of £5,000 per MW of installed capacity (most wind farms in Scotland share between £1,000-2,000 per MW with surrounding communities). The total benefit payment will rise from £10,000 in year one to £40,000 by year four of operation

Refreshments will be served during the event and there will also be another exhibition in Kirriemuir in April.