Community needs YOU!

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There are hopes that the currently defunct Forfar Community Council can be revived if enough interest is shown at meetings later this month.

Local businessman and former community councillor Ian Whyte intends to canvass support for the organisation at a follow-up to the ‘Future Forfar’ planning event held in November.

The organisation folded after it failed to attract enough nominations to be reformed at the time of the community council elections in October. Only seven names were put forward out of a minimum of nine to allow a community council to be formed

Mr Whyte this week said he hopes to drum up support at the meetings, which will be held in the Canmore Room, Town and County Hall, on Thursday, January 28, after speaking to the former community councillors who had already put their names forward.

He said: “I’ve spoken to those who were on it previously and are interested in bringing it back to life and it’s felt that the Future Forfar feedback event would be a good time to try to get people together.

“I’m inviting anyone who is keen to bring it back - and I know there are people who are keen to bring it back - to come along to the meetings.

“I’m sure that anyone who is even remotely interested in being on the community council will be at that meeting.”

Mr Whyte said he was keen to attract “new blood” on to the committee and would particularly like to hear from younger people within the community.

Anyone interested in joining the council should possess a passion to represent their community. They also need to live within that community council area, be at least 16 years old and on the electoral register.

To form a community council, 20 signatures in support of the move are required along with at least nine nominees for membership.

He continued: “It shouldn’t have been allowed to lapse. I’ve spoken to a lot of people and some would be attracted to a group that would be a bit more proactive.

“I’d also like to get young people involved to put across the youth voice and, in time, might approach the school. It’s the sort of thing that would look good on anyone’s CV, but quite often with these things it’s older people discussing what’s best for young people without actually asking them.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with the community council can speak to Mr Whyte at the meetings which will be held in the Canmore Room from noon-2pm, and 5pm-7pm on Thursday, January 28,or contact him on 07983 705183.