Community council scheme to be reviewed

ANGUS Council is to carry out a review of the current community council scheme and is inviting members of the public to comment.

The council is proposing to make some major changes to the scheme in order to ensure that the community councils remain viable and representative of their local areas.

Changes include the introduction of a standard formula for the calculation of community council membership numbers; clarification of the eligibility of 16 and 17-year-olds to stand for election or to vote in community council elections and method of co-option of member.

A number of minor amendments and clarifications to the scheme are also proposed, including clarification of eligibility criteria, nomination process, filling of casual vacancies and additional membership.

The current scheme for the establishment of community councils was adopted by Angus Council in February 2010 following a major review of the scheme and boundaries.

The council welcomes any representations or comments on the proposed amendments to the scheme from any interested person or body. All representations received during the course of the review will be published on the website after the public consultation period closes.

Full details of the proposals can be found in public libraries, ACCESS offices and main council offices across Angus.

They can also be accessed via the web link: