Club owner hopes for longer opening hours

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The owner of Forfar nightclub ‘Club One’ is seeking longer weekend opening hours for customers including a food licence up until 3 a.m.

The application to the Angus Licensing Board is for snack foods to be served in the upstairs room for consumption on the premises or to take away.

Ian Whyte, owner of Club One, said: “The facility would only be for patrons already on the premises by 2 a.m., which would be the last entry time for anyone into the club.

“Patrons could sit and eat, consume soft drinks and coffee until 3 a.m. and would depart from the separate exit from upstairs rather than the main entrance.

“The Police have no objection if it’s for patrons already within the club only.”

He added: “Additional noise management procedures would accompany any extended hours. Presently, the dancefloor reaches a peak at 2 a.m., in numbers and tempo of tunes. The crowds are hyper and all customers are then made to leave at the same time, noisily spilling on to the street. If the extension was granted to 2.30 a.m. we would include a ‘wind down’ period from 2.15 a.m. when sound volumes would be reduced and ‘chill out’ tunes with much lower BPM (beats per minute) be played. These are methods which have been used successfully elsewhere to reduce noise.”

Mr Whyte also hopes to alleviate worries for the club’s neighbours.

He said: “The aim for Club One is to develop a sustainable, more attractive, varied and vibrant entertainment facility without creating an unacceptable burden on our neighbours.

“The young people of Forfar have limited choice in the area of entertainments, a missing piece within the needs and wants of the young community who most often take their leisure time elsewhere and eventually move elsewhere for better facilities as well as prospects.

“The current application seeks to offer a better facility, with the addition of hot food, which would be more competitive, (in that customers would be happier to stay in Forfar than travel elsewhere in search of entertainment) and reduce the noise levels that occur when everybody is made to leave the premises at the same time.

“In our first year we have concentrated on developing and monitoring bar and stewarding policies and practices, enforcing licensing standards and establishing and implementing clear rules of conduct for patrons, working continuously with the police, resulting in a much safer premises and a vast reduction in incidents.”