Closure to benefit local shops?

FOLLOWING the news that Tesco is set to close for a week between October 23 and 31 we asked you what sort of an impact you think the closure will have on the town.

Many felt it was a great opportunity for the smaller shops in Forfar to get a business boost but others were more pessimistic.

Here are just a selection of your replies.

Marlene Millar said: “The good thing about Tesco`s closing for a week is that maybe the people of Forfar will support the small shops like the butcher and the dairy. If they don`t, then they will suffer as well and there will be nothing in Forfar apart from supermarkets.”

Lauren Robertson added: “Give the other wee shops a chance to make some money for a change.”

Others agreed that it would not make too much of a difference as there are plenty other shops in the town.

Linda Robb said: “There is Lidl and Aldi to go to, or the Abbeygate, so it’s not like there’s nowhere else to get your shopping.”

Jean Gardner agreed: “Plenty of other shops to get food from other than Tesco, so I don’t think it’ll affect the town too much.”

Jacqui Hogg said: “People will always find something to moan about. Tesco closing for one week isn’t the end of the world.

Nicki Thornton said: “Tesco are clever closing before Asda opens in November as that way Asda wouldn’t get all the business.

“Local shops plus the Chinese takeaway will benefit I’m sure.”

Some were also not bothered about the closure because they felt that Tesco had been dominant in the town for too long.

Cheryl Casey said: “I’ll probably do my shopping mostly at Asda when it opens.

“I’ve always preferred Asda and Tesco’s prices have been going up increasingly this past while.

“So bring on the competition.”

Scott Wilson left a word of advice: “Shop wisely.

“Look around for items in your grocery list that might be cheaper elsewhere and not only at one place. Think wise shop wise.”