Clattering tongues as weavers reminisce

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The sound of the shuttles clattering was a hallmark of the weaving sheds.

Last week at the East and Old it was the clatter of tongues as weavers, tenters, beamers, lorry drivers, office staff, factory managers and factory owners met for a blether of old times during the Weaver Drop In.

Dozens of former textile workers met from Monday to Saturday and were greeted by a team of volunteers from the congregation. Details of life in the mills and factories were recorded with many heart warming stories of life in big Dons, little Dons, Jock Lowson’s and the John Boath’s. A large collection of jute memorabilia was handed in to be recorded, photographed and kept on loan for a display later in the year.

Ron Scrimgeour, Deacon of the Dundee weavers said: “I am delighted with the response to the call for people to come forward and share their memories of our industrial heritage. It is clear from the many stories told that people had a pride in their work, that they worked hard but they also enjoyed a tremendous camaraderie in the workplace.”

It will take some time to record and process the huge amount of information received and the Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin will decide on the format of the follow up activities in due course.

All of those who attended the Weaver Drop In will receive a personal invitation to the next event planned in the East and Old to celebrate life in the mills and factories of Forfar.