Chaos of gale force winds

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FIERCE gales swept through the Forfar and Kirriemuir area on Monday afternoon, leaving many residents clearing up storm damage whilst commuters endured a longer journey home.

The Met office station at Glenogil recorded wind speeds of 79 mph whilst Tayside Police issued warnings to motorists and residents advising them of the hazardous conditions.

They appealed to drivers to reduce their speed and be aware of the conditions and the gusting winds at all times. With trees in full leaf, the high whipping winds also left many trees in a precarious position and drivers were urged to be aware of the dangers.

The Police received several reports of a number of trees and branches being blown over in the winds, with many falling across carriageways.

They urged members of the public to be on their guard and take straightforward precautions to secure any items that could be blown away in the gusty weather, from wheelie bins and ladders to bikes, garden furniture and trampolines.

A resident in Kinnettles returned home on Monday afternoon, after many diversions through Angus, to discover four, 100 foot poplar trees had been blown over in her garden, narrowly avoiding her home.

She said: “They came through two hedges and were resting against the house, but no damage was done.”

Angus Council met to assess the damage yesterday morning (Tuesday).

A spokesperson said: “Council staff yesterday worked on information supplied by Tayside Police to clear fallen trees and branches from around 20 minor roads throughout Angus. This morning, all main roads are open although some minor roads are still affected by trees and debris. Parks staff are firstly working to make safe fallen trees affecting property or where there are health and safety issues, and will systematically remove other debris during the course of the week. The council’s tree officer and parks staff will then assess other trees with damaged branches, to decide on appropriate action.”