Change to opening hours?

THERE could be a change in opening hours on the cards for the Forfar Registration Office.

At a meeting of the Angus Council corporate services committee it was suggested that the Registration Office hours be changed to open at 10am each day instead of 9am.

The office currently opens from 9am to 4.40pm Monday to Friday with no closure at lunchtime. Three members of staff comprise of one full time registrar and two part-time registrars. The assistant registrar post is currently vacant.

Research was undertaken to determine the amount of business that the office deals with between 9am and 10am daily. In a two-week period only 14 enquiries were dealt with. It is therefore considered that the level of business conducted within these hours can be dealt with elsewhere in the working week.

Colin McMahon, director of corporate services, said: “Varying the opening hours of the Forfar Registration Office will provide a saving to the council of approximately £2,613.

“It is anticipated that the proposal will not impact significantly on the services the office offers to the public.”