Campaign in full swing to save parks

Parents gathered at Thornton Park on Friday to meet MSP Jenny Marra to campaign for the retention of play parks.
Parents gathered at Thornton Park on Friday to meet MSP Jenny Marra to campaign for the retention of play parks.

PARENTS and their children gathered in a frozen Thornton Park in Forfar on Friday as part of the ‘Protect our Parks and Save our Swings’ campaign.

The parents met at 11 a.m. at the park to meet with MSP, Jenny Marra, who created a video about the park closures.

Jenny posted the video on the video sharing website, Youtube, on the potential play park closures a few weeks ago and has since had many views.

She was invited to go in front of Angus Council on December 13 but had since been ‘uninvited’ from the meeting, which is open to the public. She said: “I am appalled by the council proposal to close 50 play parks in Angus and think it is madness. These are my constituents and they have a right to be heard.”

On the day, Jenny added: “They have not provided an explanation as to why I was uninvited from the meeting.”

Morvyn Roebuck, (32), e-mailed every councillor in Angus to get their opinion on the situation. She said: “I e-mailed the councillors to establish who supports us and who doesn’t. It is disappointing that the councillors are not listening. We are voting for them and they are just not listening.”

Commenting on Thornton Park where the group of parents held the gathering on Friday, Morvyn added: “For a park which isn’t used there are loads of children’s foot prints frozen in the ice.”

Moira Kirkwood (43), another parent at the gathering said: “It would be nice to have some councillors come forward and speak to us about the situation.”

Eric Gray, a member of the community council in Brechin, also attended the meeting as he feels very passionately that play parks are an important part of a community. He said: “I fully support the parents and their campaign which is aiming to protect every play park under threat in Angus.”

Arlene Law, (32), attended a meeting on Thursday afternoon, as part of the PTA, and was asked questions from councillors who also attended. She said: “The play parks were called badly placed and I was told that it wasn’t closure of play parks but ‘removal of equipment!’”

She added: “I really feel we are running out of time to save the play parks for the children. I want people to hear our voice.”

The deadline to take part in Angus Council’s consultation is December 14.

Those interested can take part at or by collection a survey from the council’s ACCESS offices or local libraries.