Call to support RSPB

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey is encouraging his constituents to get involved in RSPB Scotland’s annual bird number survey, the Big Garden Birdwatch, over this coming weekend.

Each year the nature conservation organisation asks the public to take one hour watching birds from their work or in their garden and record their numbers.

The annual survey, which is now in its 33rd year, uses the information to help understand the impact changes in our natural environment is having on Scottish wildlife – allowing policy-makers to address any alarming decline of species early-on.

Mr Dey said: “The RSPB in Scotland have a long history of working to protect and preserve our natural environment and the wildlife inhabiting it.

“Their annual garden bird survey is a valuable opportunity for everyone to get involved and help improve our knowledge of exactly what is happening across the country.

“It is also something which the whole family can be engaged in, and can teach children the real value of looking after the natural world around them.

“In Angus we have some outstanding wildlife, from the coast to the glens, including magnificent birds of prey such as Golden Eagles, and a strong population of red squirrels.

“Our garden birds are no less important however, and being so close to the places we live and work, can give us one of the first indications of changes in our local environment.

“I am very hopeful we can get a strong showing of support from Angus residents to help guide our understanding of the local wildlife and what everyone can do to preserve it for the future.”