Call for public to help tackle littering

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey is urging the public to play their part in ensuring the county is seen in all its splendour during 2013 and beyond.

The SNP parliamentarian, who sits as vice convener on the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee in the Scottish Parliament, is encouraging Angus folk to back efforts being made during this the Year of Natural Scotland to tackle the scourge of litter and fly-tipping.

Mr Dey said: “Keep Scotland Beautiful is running a 12 month long clean-up campaign during 2013, which Angus Council is signed up to, whilst the Scottish Government is about to publish a report which will inform future strategy for tackling the anti-social menace that is littering and fly-tipping.

“But first and foremost we need to bring about behavioural change on an individual basis.

“Day in day out, despite the best efforts of Angus Council and the conduct of the majority of people, we find litter blighting our streets and the verges of rural roads.

“At some point we have to say “this isn’t acceptable” and not just because every pound councils spend having to pick up litter which should not have been discarded in the first place is a pound which isn’t available for other things.

“I am aware from my MSP mailbag that littering, just like dog fouling, is a cause of real irritation amongst the public.

“In various places I know that commendable efforts are being made to address the dog fouling issue.

“Well, now we need to develop a sense of civic pride in regard to littering too.

“This area attracts a good many visitors and a good many more are likely to be coming here next year to events such as the Commonwealth Games shooting.

“We surely want Angus to be seen at its best both for the enjoyment of locals and with a view to enticing tourists to return on a regular basis.”