Call for new bye-law to be strictly policed

LATER this month a bye law will be put into place to stop people drinking in public spaces throughout the centre of Forfar.

The ban will cover hotspots such as the cross, the East and Old Parish churchyard, the greens and the Myre.

On our facebook page we asked if you thought the ban would make a difference to the town.

Jenni Cameron said: “I don’t think it will make a difference unless it’s policed properly and let’s face it, the police don’t get help to put extra officers on the street to police it.”

Christine Gibson added: “As Jenni says, it won’t make a difference unless policed and they don’t have the manpower.

“Look at the mobile phone situation - the police rarely follow that up. On any given day you can see at least three people driving whilst on their mobile’s and nothing is done about it.”

David McIntosh was equally sceptical, he said: “To be honest, most of the people who drink in public are underage and the ones who are overage normally do other illegal things too.”

However, Carol Ferguson begged to differ, she said: “I have to disagree that it’s young folk in these places, that’s certainly not who I see there - layabouts and junkies yes. I don’t think it will make a difference, it will just make them cleverer about where they go.”

Nicki Thornton added: “I have to say it’s not the kids that’s the problem in these places. The youths drink for fun and don’t want to be caught so drinking in public places is counter-productive to them.

“The police have to follow law when youths are found with alcohol and if drunk they will be taken home and warned infront of the parents some of which will actually give them a pat on the where is the help police need to tackle the problem? In the eye of an innocent passerby they shake their head at the police but what can they do if the parents don’t meet you half way? It’s the older generation that actually drink in the public places and from what I’ve seen it’s either the alcoholics or the drug users who are denied access to the pubs that congregate in these places.”