Call for more consideration over parking

Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton
Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton

An Angus councillor has warned emergency service vehicles could struggle to reach their destinations due to the level of inconsiderate parking in Forfar.

Speaking at this month’s meeting of Forfar Community Council, Glennis Middleton stated that, since Police Scotland removed their traffic wardens, parking in Forfar had become “absolutely appalling”.

She said: “The wardens have disappeared as a result of Police Scotland doing away with them. When I drive through the town from the East Port down to the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill (at the pedestrian crossing) there are car parked on both sides.

“There are buses and lorries trying to get through and the emergency services would struggle to get through the town.

“I think the traffic police could have a look at this as people are parking anywhere and everywhere. I am concerned about the flow of traffic through the town as people are parking in a really selfish way.

“I would like to make a plea to people to think about where they are parking as they may be obstructing emergency vehicles.

“If this carries on for too long then I can see Angus Council having to look at introducing traffic orders. Something has to be done.”

Watch manager Roy King of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service admitted local fire fighters were finding it “more and more difficult” to get around the town due to the inconsiderate parking of motorists.

He said: “It is getting worse.”

Community councillor Alistair Cormie hit out at local business owners who had started parking outside their shops

He said: “Business people are parking all day on the street. They are complaining about people not coming in to their shops and yet they are taking up a parking space on the street when there is ample parking available in the two car parks near the town centre.”

The meeting heard there were concerns about bottle necks in East High Street and also the number of cars now parking on Dundee Loan.

Police Scotland Community liaison officer Scott Anderson stated parking issues were a problem in every town. Whilst Dundee and Perth councils had their own traffic wardens, Angus Council did not.

He advised the police could take action if the parking was deemed to be dangerous and he, too, urged drivers to park responsibly.

“If the parking is considered to be extremely dangerous then we have the power to uplift the vehicle. There is ample parking within Forfar town centre.”