Busy programme for Forfar Rotary

Young carers at their course in Ullswater.
Young carers at their course in Ullswater.

Forfar Rotary’s new president has ended his first month in office by paying tribute to Rotarians and their recent efforts in a number of ventures.

These included a fun, week-long residential course for young carers at Ullswater in the Lake District, co-funded by the Rotary Clubs of Angus as well as a weekend manning the admission booths at the Glamis Extravaganza.

This showed the working side of Rotary and also helped to earn money to boost the group’s charitable account.

Funding from this account is provided to both local and international causes as well as to the needy or deserving cries for help.

Not being afraid to get their hands dirty has been yet another side to the work of Forfar Rotary.

As well as giving financial support, the club has provided manual labour and engineering skills to assist with the planning to build the walls for the Forfar Therapy Garden’s raised beds, from donated wooden sleepers, at its site on Lochside Road.