New council housing to meet demand

Angus Councillor Iain Gaul.
Angus Councillor Iain Gaul.

Work has now finished on five new council houses on the site of the former garages at Mortar Holes in Kirriemuir to meet demand.

Now known as Ferrier Fields, the new houses are available for rent and have two bedrooms and are a mix of single storey and two storeys.

The housing development forms part of Angus Councils ambitious building programme to provide over 150 new council houses, which will help reduce the housing waiting list, and meet the councils vision of building quality affordable and energy efficient homes for rent in areas of highest need across Angus.

Council leader, councillor Iain Gaul said: “The homes at Ferrier Fields are smaller than other similar housing developments in Angus. This is in direct response to a shift in demand for smaller house types as a result of welfare reform changes.

“New-build projects like this require a substantial investment from the council and our rent payers, so it’s important that our rents are fair and deliver value for money.

“To make sure that we’re on track to deliver value for money I’m pleased to see the council are currently consulting with tenants on how we set our rents.”

Vice convener of neighbourhood services, councillor Jeanette Gaul who also visited the site on Tuesday, added: “I am delighted to see work completed on this site as it will make a considerable improvement to the Kirriemuir urban landscape in Lindsay Street, filling, as it does, the gap left by the former garages.

“The five new houses will be available to rent by local families and will provide a boost to the local council housing in the area.”

The new houses were built for the Council by Hadden Construction, using an airtight construction, complemented with high efficiency gas boilers and whole house heat-recovery ventilation systems.

Environmentally friendly building materials such as recycled newspaper insulation with engineered timber joists in the floors and walls were also specified. In addition all Angus Council new-build houses have sprinkler systems fitted to improve tenant safety in the event of fire.

Funding of £120,000 has been secured by the housing division from the Scottish Government to help with the overall project costs.

Meanwhile in Forfar, work is progressing on the Newmonthill site with the new building making stead progress of Academy Street.

The Forfar sky-line has been dominated in recnet months with a giant crane as the work has progressed to provide much needed housing in the town. The work to transform Newmonthill began in earnest in March 2012 when the five blocks of flats in the old, unpopular scheme were demolished to make way for new homes. A total of 16 three-storey, three bedroom terrace houses and two, two-stored, three bedroom accessible houses, constructed in terraces are being constructed. The overall costs of the project is some £3,230,000 comprising £495,000 from the Scottish Government Affordable Housing grant; £300,000 from the Housing division’s Affordable Housing Account and £2,435,000 from the HRA Capital budget. The houses are to be owned and managed by Angus Council as affordable rented accommodation.