UP TO 300 HOMES: Land at Turfbeg Farm bordering the Kirriemuir Road has been earmarked for a housing development.
UP TO 300 HOMES: Land at Turfbeg Farm bordering the Kirriemuir Road has been earmarked for a housing development.

A LOCAL housing company has earmarked land at Turfbeg Farm for development.

Elite Homes (Tayside) Ltd., have lodged a pre-application notification with Angus Council for a proposed development at land adjacent to the Kirriemuir Road.

Up to 300 homes could be included in the site which has also been considered for community use.

Guild Homes, an associate company of Elite Homes, is proposed to be the joint developer of the site. However, they also hope that the project would allow other potential developers looking to build in Forfar the opportunity to share the land.

Together the developers aim to begin the planning application process now with the hope that work could begin in 2015 if all permissions were to be granted.

Mark Guild, a director of Elite Homes, said: “We have an open mind about the development and we want to consult with the public and the council.

“We want to work with the community and the council as we think this is a terrific opportunity for the town.”

Elite Homes initially promoted the Turfbeg Farm site as appropriate for such a development at the time of the Angus Local Plan Review.

A Government reporter recommended that the site should be safeguarded for residential and community use as it was in the correct direction of growth for the town. In addition to this, the developers say that they hope the site would provide some benefits to the people of Taylor Street and the surrounding area mostly by removing traffic.

Mr Guild continued: “Taylor Street has a terrible amount of traffic at peak times and there are speed humps everywhere, hopefully our development would mean there would be no need for them as traffic would be elsewhere.

“It would also direct traffic away from the junctions at the Brechin Road which have poor sight and it would make it safer for pedestrians.”

He continued: “Next to the neighbouring housing there would most likely be landscaping and beyond that it would be bungalows similar to their own to protect the views.

“We are keen to work with existing homeowners and be completely transparent with our plans for the site.”

As part of the pre-application process, two consultation events will take place in The Lesser Reid Hall on Friday, May 10, between 4 and 8 p.m. and Saturday, May 11, between 12 noon and 4 p.m.

All neighbours, residents and interested parties are invited to attend to view the proposed draft master plan.

A spokesperson for Elite Homes added: “We consider that this new development will allow Forfar to expand in a carefully considered manner with new housing, roads and community facilities planned in a cohesive manner.

“Elite Homes have engaged with Angus Council to provide the opportunity for the new Community Hub planned to replace Forfar Academy to be integrated into the development ensuring effective linkages and a network of paths.”

Prior to the consultation event, Elite Homes are inviting members of the public to get in touch on 01307 460011 if they have any questions about the development.