Local author’s new book

Local author, Gavin R Dobson of Logie House, Kirriemuir, has published his first full length novel - The Price of Redemption- that lifts the lid on how the thin line of probity can easily be breeched when unimaginable wealth is the daily tool of the workplace.

When the giant American financial group CSF appoints Mark Telford’s Appletree Capital Management in London to handle a large world-wide fund, the champagne flows in expectation of the fees this will generate.

Euphoria is short-lived however, as the temptations of unbelievable wealth stoke the self-justifying ambitions of the players, in a world where amorality can easily degenerate into criminality.

All is not as it seems and Mark Telford finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue, complicated by his amorous involvement with the beautiful Compliance Officer Nancy Lindstrom.

As the situation worsens Telford finds himself threatened by ambitious and ruthless executives to whom greed and duplicity is a way of life.

It leads to a disastrous denouement at a lonely farmhouse in Michigan.

Gavin’s first novel highlights some questionable activities of which certain members of the City have been charged.