KFC restaurant may soon come to town

KFC could soon be joining Forfar’s other fast food outlets as its planning application is recommended for conditional approval.

In an application to Angus Council, the Herbel Restaurant Group, has stated its intention to build a class three restaurant with drive-through, take-away, acccess and parking, at Orchardbank Business Park.

The site will be around 100 metres north-west of McDonalds and take up approximately 3,800sqm of space.

In a report to the development standards committee due to be held on Tuesday, February 14 as the Dispatch and Herald went to press, Eric Lowson, director of infrastructure services, said: “The applicant proposes to erect a restaurant with an ancillary drive through on the site and the applicant indicates that KFC will be operator.

“The applicant also proposes a new access road, car park and ground works as part of the application.”

Permission has previously been granted on the site for the business park, roadside services and a hotel in 2004.

The highway, drainage and landscaping infrastructure for the new business park was also approved in that year.

To support their application, Herbel Restaurant Group have provided statements to the council.

They say that the principle of roadside facilities has already been established, that the application complies with policies on roadside facilities and public houses and hot food takeaways of the Angus Local Plan Review.

They also say that the development will not conflict with neighbouring land uses and the design is of a type generally expected from a modern KFC unit and is consistent with the design of KFC units throughout the UK.

No objections have been made from the head of roads, the head of economic development, the trunk roads authority and Scottish Water.

Objections have been raised, however, in the form of a petition containing approximately 289 names. The main issues contained in the petition relate to the ethical policy of the applicants, public health issues, limited economic benefit to Angus and adverse impact on existing businesses and quality of design.

Mr Lowson said: “The concerns raised in the petition are noted.

“However, the identity of the applicants, their ethical policy and issues relating to animal welfare are not material to the determination of this application.

“Similarly I note the concerns related to public health but again these are not directly relevant to determination of this application.

“The council’s development plan does not contain policies that seek to prevent or restrict this type of use for public health reasons.

“I note that the site is not located close to any school or similar facility where there may be some concern regarding access to the site by groups that may be considered particularly vulnerable to dietary health issues.

“Any new business had potential to compete with exisitng businesses and I do not consider that this form of competition is a material consideration.

“It must be recognised that the site is allocated for this type of use.

“Finally, whilst I note the concerns regarding the design of the building, I consider that the basic form and appearance is acceptable, having regard to other buildings in the area.

“The application must be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

“This is an application for development on land within the development boundary of Forfar in general compliance with the relevant policies of the development plan.

“The application involves land which the council has a financial interest as land owner.

“However, the application is not significantly contrary to the devlopment plan and there is therefore no requirement to notify Scottish Ministers in the event that committee determines to approve the application.”

A number of conditions have been placed on the approval.

The development must begin within three years of approval being granted.

All details relating to access, road layout design, specification and construction, including the provision of street lighting and surface water drainage shall be completed to Angus Council standards before the business opens.

All deliveries will be completed outwith the hours of operation which have been specified as 11am to 11pm.

The planning authority must also receive detailed plans showing exisiting and proposed ground levels and floor levels; a hard and soft landscaping scheme for the site and detailed plans of the means of sustainable urban drainage systems.