Further assurances needed for Pathhead store plan

THE DEVELOPERS of the Pathhead supermarket still have a number of hurdles to cross before beginning the project.

Councillors must agree on a number of legal and planning conditions at a meeting this Thursday, March 22.

The application was approved in favour of Guild Homes (Tayside) Ltd. in early February subject to conditions.

Eric Lowson, director of Infrastructure Services, has detailed the terms which he recommends for approval on Thursday.

The first of these terms was detailed as: “The provision of a road bond sufficient to cover the costs associated with any improvements or alterations required to the local road network or local traffic management as a consequence of the approved development when taken in conjunction with the development of the approved foodstore at Gairie Works.”

Previously, council members have indicated that they had reservations about the installation of a signalised junction but are comfortable that problems can be overcome with suitable planning conditions in place.

This will only become a problem should both Pathhead and Gairie Works sites be implemented. Mr Lowson said: “In order to ensure that any necessary improvements to accommodate both foodstores can be delivered a financial bond is considered appropriate.”

Guild Homes (Tayside) Ltd. also offered to establish a Town Centre Improvement Fund with a suggested contribution of £500,000.

Mr Lowson said: “If the Fund was to be utilised to make the town centre a more attractive destination this would serve a planning purpose.

“Similarly, such a contribution could be considered to relate to the development proposed as it would help to mitigate the adverse impact on the vitality and viability of the town centre by making it a more attractive place to visit.

“Accordingly, it is considered appropriate to require such a contribution.”

Any works to the public road, including the formation of a roundabout and the realignment of the A926 and alterations to The Moon junction may also require planning permission.

The developer must also submit detailed plans regarding layout, landscaping, water drainage, lighting, noise and sustainability.

In addition to this Mr Lowson said: “The proposed foodstore shall not be subdivided to form more than one retail unit and it shall comply with the following requirements: a maximum gross floor space not exceeding 3,995 square metres and no more than 719 square metres to be used for the sale of comparison goods.

“Comparison goods include books, clothing, footwear, furniture, floor coverings, textiles, radio, electrical and other durable goods, hardware and DIY supplies, chemist goods, jewellery, silverware, watches and clocks and any other miscellaneous goods.”