Calls for tighter controls on tenants

WHILST members of Forfar Community Council welcomed the demolition work of the flats at Newmonthill, they issued a stark warning to the new Angus Council administration, once elected, that they should take a tougher stance on anti-social tenants and ensure they abide by their tenancy agreements.

Speaking as the first block of flats was razed to the ground at the troubled development last Thursday, chairman Mrs Isobel Ross told this month’s meeting that, when the flats were built not so long ago, they were “really good quality flats.”

She said: “Unfortunately, things took a downward turn and I would hope that, when they (the new houses) are ready and it comes to getting tenants for them, that the tenants will be very well vetted and ‘no nonsense’.

“All over the town we have a problem with anti-social behaviour and I think the housing department needs to look at the legislation again about making their own decisions on anti-social housing.”

Mrs Ross pointed out that, when tenants sign a missive to let agreement, then she expected people to keep the area around their house tidy.

“Sometimes when I am going round the town I just shudder. I just hope there will be an improvement.”

In dealing with anti-social tenants she called for a “three strikes and out” approach to be considered.