Bump in the road for Day Care bus project

THE FORFAR Day Care Bus Project has hit a glitch at the final hurdle.

Despite successful fundraising efforts over the past 18 months it will still be a little while longer before a new bus is delivered.

Liz Ross, convener of the project, explained: “Doubtless local folk will be wondering where the new bus is after our very successful fundraising operation over the past 18 months.

“In fact, we were due to take delivery of the new bus in March of this year.

“Unfortunately the suppliers let us down at the last minute and we have had to re-order from another source.

“We look forward to receiving the new bus in about four months - it takes three months from order to delivery and another month for the conversion we want.

“I would like again to thank the generous people of Forfar and District who have given us massive financial support and hope they share our disappointment at this unfortunate turn of events.

“I should say when the new bus arrives we are looking to sell the old one, which is in very good shape.

“Any individual or group interested in purchasing this vehicle should get in touch with me to discuss details.”