Bugsy Malone in Forfar

Rising Youngstars have released three videos promoting their performance of Bugsy Malone at the Reid Hall, Forfar, on Facebook.

One of the video features members of the cast highlighting why people should come to the show. All three promotional videos can be viewed on their Facebook page.

Some of the cast members from the Rising Youngstars Bugsy Malone

Some of the cast members from the Rising Youngstars Bugsy Malone

The show opens this week, and runs from Wednesday until Saturday.

A spokesperson for Rising Youngstars said: “Well, the time has finally arrived where Fat Sam and his gang have set up their speakeasy at the Reid Hall. Come join them as they pitch their wits against Dandy Dan and his gang with great songs and a lot of splurging.

Meet Bugsy, Fat Sam, Dandy Dan and their gangs, Tallulah, Blousey, Fizzy, Leroy, Cagey Joe and the rest of the cast as they tell the story of two rival gangs. Bugsy Malone has fantastic songs and dances and the cast would love the audience to join in by dressing up in character - not compulsory but a lot of fun. You could brush down your best suit, look out your favourite dress and join in with the 1920 theme.

“You can still get tickets from Ticket Source or phone Diann Baxter on 07759 491819. You can also get this information from our Facebook page Rising Youngstars where you can see how the cast have been preparing for this great show. Bugsy Malone show dates are this week from Wednesday, April 13, at 7.30pm to Friday, April 15, and Saturday, April 16, at 2.30 p.m.

The Rising Youngstars look forward to seeing you at Fat Sam’s Grand Slam this week and hope that you leave the Speakeasy singing and maybe dancing!”