Break-ups in January mean property matters

January is ‘break-up’ month resulting in the search for new homes, but if that’s you and you live in the Angus area, then help is on hand to guide you through this stressful time.

Internet company Yahoo! labelled January National Break Up Month, and a Twentieth Century Fox survey suggests 40% of relationships are in jeopardy at this time of year.

It’s true. The team at Wardhaugh sees a spike in requests for property advice and lets at this time every year, from individuals who have left their partners and from others who are planning to do so.

And it seems it’s often stress and arguments over the Christmas holidays that are a common cause, as well as individuals acting on New Year’s resolutions.

It’s happening across all age groups. We see it in young people living together, families and older couples who have been married for 25 years and more.

It requires a professional approach because the people who come to us after a split may be emotional and often reveal some very sad personal stories.

It’s not unusual to hear, “My husband (or wife) doesn’t know yet. Please don’t tell them.”

Even entering a letting agent’s shop can cause whispers in close-knit rural communities, adding further anxiety to the process.

Sometimes angry partners have come to the shop demanding the address of their ex-partner’s new home. Of course, we never tell them.

In my experience, of every three enquiries featuring a relationship break up, one of them will drop out early, because the couple have made up following the tensions of the festive period.

Another enquiry will proceed beyond the deposit, but will stop just before the removals lorry leaves the shared home. This is when couples have second thoughts and decide to give it another go.

It’s the third enquiry that goes the distance, the person moves out and into a new property.

We notice that when women are looking for a new home they always know exactly what they want, but men come in often with very little idea of what they are looking for.

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in a relationship break up, look for an experienced property adviser, with discrete and sympathetic staff.

They will need exceptional local knowledge. For example, about 95% of properties come unfurnished so they should be able to recommend local places to buy affordable furniture.

Don’t forget, a good agent will have a website, such as, allowing visitors to view properties online and in private.

Property agents like Wardhaugh Property Management Services, Forfar, can provide you with the sensitivity, efficiency and professionalism you need at a time of relationship break ups.