Book charity’s welcome boost from Kirrie Rotary

Joanna and some of the 1,500 KG of books
Joanna and some of the 1,500 KG of books

ROTARIANS in Kirriemuir handed over more than 1,500 kilograms of books to the charity Books Abroad.

Since the charity was founded in a cupboard at the Brander library in Huntly, Books Abroad has grown into an operation which has now sent in excess of two and a half million books across the world.

The initiative began to grow when Nigerian missionary Derek Joy paid a visit to Banff Academy, when he highlighted the lack of books back at his school in Africa.

The successful development of the Books Abroad charity has seen more than 500 tonnes of books, of all kinds sent over seas to help those in need.

The Kirriemuir Rotary international convener, Joanna Johnston, lead the handover of the latest 1,500 kilogram consignment.

She said: “This year the Rotary club decided that instead of asking for money we would ask for books.

“The Books Abroad charity was brought to my attention by a fellow Rotarian and the result was a tonne and a half books, in total, being donated to the charity.

“The vast majority of the organisation’s work is carried out by volunteers, who select and send bundles of books direct and free of charge to the educational establishments overseas.”

Various schools in Kirriemuir donated books to the Kirrie Rotary since December and Joanna added: “We would like to say a big thank you to all who donated.”

Books Abroad has so far helped 1,600 schools worldwide and works with groups such as local schools and rotary clubs to promote the work of the charity.

Where there are no books, there is no hope for education and without literacy there is no hope for development.

By sending small parcels of carefully chosen new and secondhand books hopes to make a difference to the lives of people overseas struggling against enormous odds, by providing opportunities for learning and making a worthwhile future seem possible.

Books Abroad depends heavily for support on friends and volunteers to further the cause for literacy in developing countries.

By starting a membership with the charity you will be helping to develop and carry on the work of the organisation.

Active participation is welcomed in all areas particularly if you or a friend is travelling to a developing country and could make an informal local visit to one of our schools.

All help is appreciated by the charity and you can go along and help out practically at their headquarters in Rhyine, become a member, give a donation of books, give a donation of money via Paypal on their website, or buy or sell on eBay to support Books Abroad

For further information about the Books Abroad charity you can visit or email

The Kirriemuir Rotary Club are still able to accept donations of books and will deliver them to the Books Abroad charity.

For further information you can telephone Joanna on 01307 840216.