Bid to make Kirrie more beautiful

LOCAL members of the Sustainable West Angus Project (SWAP) and senior pupils from Webster’s High School gathered on Saturday, May 7, to wage war on the litter in Kirriemuir.

The group, which works to reduce West Angus’s oil dependency and promote responsible living, battled the trash in The Den, Kirrie Hill and The Gairie Burn, and came out winning.

SWAP targeted parts of the town that are considered areas of natural beauty, and regularly fall prey to litterbugs.

Within two hours the group collected 12 black bin liners, six children’s bicycles and a vandalised traffic cone. All of the rubbish was then transported to Kirriemuir’s recycling centre on Bellies Brae to be sorted.

Erica Duncan, SWAP chairperson, said of the event: “The council does a great job of keeping Kirriemuir clean, but sometimes you just can’t keep up with it all, and that’s where community groups like us have a responsibility to help.

“Kirrie Hill can get especially bad at the weekends and the more locals are willing to help, the less pressure is put on council services.

“We thought it important to make the effort to recycle what we could, so there’s even less waste going to landfills”.

This was the first of many community projects the S.W.A.P. group are initiating, including running a stall at the Forfar ‘Grown in Angus’ Event on Saturday, May 28, so keep your eyes open for any activities that you could take part in to make West Angus a local haven for all.