Better driving

Guest speaker at the latest meeting of Kirriemuir Probus Club was Peter Field of Tayside Police, with his talk entitled ‘Better Driving’.

Peter lives and works in Forfar, has trained in advanced driving in cars and as a motorcyclist, and began by apologizing for lateness as he and his colleague had to deal with a mobile phone using driver on their way!

Peter’s talk included plenty advice for ‘the more mature motorist’, who in fact belongs to a group, with their experience and tolerance in their driving, that is statistically safer on the road than other age groups.

However, with aging, the ability to interpret the movement and intentions of other drivers and react to situations gradually changes. Suggesting that older drivers brush up on ‘The Highway Code’ and ‘The Driving Manual’, Peter also advised on route-planning, leaving plenty of time for journeys, taking extra care when overtaking and at road junctions, concentration and to expect the unexpected at all times.

He also informed the members about auto insurance detection, cameras and databases now available to the Police for insurance, road tax and counter-intelligence information.

After a lengthy question and answer session, a vote of thanks for a well-delivered and informative talk was proposed by Lindsay Brown who quoted: “There were no bad roads, only bad drivers” and remarked on the lack of courtesy shown on the roads today.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, October 19 when Pete Cannel will speak on ‘The Open University’.