Bedroom tax ‘unfair’ says MP

THE GOVERNMENT has shown its disregard for those living north of the border after setting aside five times more financial aid for Londoners hit by the bedroom tax, accordion to Angus MP Mike Weir.

The Department of Work and Pensions has been given £56 million of Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP). Just £10 million has been earmarked for Scotland despite the DWP’s own analysis showing a similar number of people will be affected by the unfair penalty in both regions. Scotland’s provision is a meagre 6.5 per cent of the DHP’s allocation for next year despite having 16 percent of the total number of people due to be impacted by bedroom tax.

Mike Weir, MP for Angus, said: “The UK government itself has acknowledged that there are specific problems in Scotland, particularly in rural areas, but the revelation that they have set aside £56 million in discretionary payments for London yet only £10 million for Scotland, despite the fact that the numbers affected are approximately the same shows how flawed and deeply discriminatory this policy is.

However the UK government try to dress it up this is simply an attack on the vulnerable which hits rural areas such as Angus particularly hard because of the nature of our housing stock and the geography of the area. It is simply not possible to move people to smaller homes, which do not exist in sufficient numbers.

“Families will be faced with a substantial drop in income at the very time when all household bills such as food, energy and fuel are rising rapidly. “

Discretionary Housing Payments offer a lifeline to families and individuals who are having difficulty paying rent.