Bank invests in youth theatre

RBS has awarded £250 to Forfar Dramatic Society’s Youth Theatre, to help fund its activities, including its current involvement in the Forfar Tales Project

The award has been made through RBS’s Community Cashback programme which was introduced as part of the bank’s ongoing commitment to the communities in which it operates. 

Through the award scheme the RBS helps community groups, schools and charities in which its staff make an important contribution in their own time.

In this case, the member of staff concerned is Elaine McEwan, who volunteers with the Youth Theatre on a regular basis.

Elaine qualifies for the award because she has given over 200 hours of her own time to the youth theatre in the last year.

That has involved her in supporting the group to stage productions of Mr. A’s Amazing Maze Plays, The BFG and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Elaine is currently part of the team working on Forfar Tales, the Dramatic Society’s inter-generational project.

She has been working with the youth theatre members to help them gather in stories that will form part of the Forfar Tales script.

According to Elaine, it’s a pleasure to be working on this exciting project.

“It’s good to see the two sections of the Society working together” she told us. “I can already see the benefit to youth theatre members of working with adults who have more stage experience. And the senior members gain from the energy and enthusiasm that the younger members bring.”

The award from RBS gives a considerable boost to the project.

It will help to ensure that the youth theatre can make an equitable contribution to project costs. Not only do they bring energy to the project, they can now bring money.

Dramatic Society president Neil Paterson is delighted by both the injection of cash and the recognition of Elaine’s voluntary effort.

“Our youth theatre relies heavily on volunteers” he said.

“This award highlights the work they do and brings a tangible benefit to the youth theatre. Elaine is one of a team of volunteers who support the youth theatre and we’re grateful to all of them for their efforts”

The youth theatre members are very keen to see more people contribute to Forfar Tales.

If you have stories to tell, they’d love to hear from you. You can make contact via the Forfar Dramatic Society email address or by visiting the Forfar Dramatic blog at

RBS has made a contribution – why don’t you?