Badminton club perplexed at new Forfar campus

The Games hall at Forfar Community Campus
The Games hall at Forfar Community Campus

The games hall at the new £38.9 million Forfar Community Campus has put badminton players off their game.

The colour of the walls and a curtain which splits the hall in half act as a camouflage for shuttlecocks, leaving Forfar Badminton Club members and other hall users perplexed.

A club spokesman said: “We have spoken to other users of the hall and they are all of the same opinion that the main halls have major problems, particularly when playing badminton. The colour of the walls make sighting a shuttle almost impossible to see and the centre curtain although better, being light grey in colour, could have been made darker.”

The club has had a long association with playing at Forfar Academy on a Friday evening and have met as a senior club from 7.30pm to 9.30pm; now they have court times from 7pm with more courts from 8pm making it difficult to organise games. The junior club used to run from 7.30 to 9pm; the new times mean an early start at 6 to 7.30pm, From a healthy average attendance of 20 to 24 it now attracts from three to seven members at best.

The spokesman continued: “We asked for the same times but were told this was not possible as it was booked by a group for five-a-side football. They, at our suggestion could play on the outside pitch provided for this purpose but this was not considered as they had played at this time for the past five years. Our junior club has had the same times for about 30 years.”

A spokesman for ANGUSalive said: “We are looking at options to resolve the issues badminton players are experiencing in the main gym hall.

‘‘The public response so far to our fantastic new resource has been overwhelmingly positive, but we are listening to everyone’s views so that where any issues are identified and improvements can be made, we will make them.”