Badges and trophies presented at display

The girls and officers are pictured at their annual display.
The girls and officers are pictured at their annual display.

The 2nd Forfar Girls’ Brigade Company held its annual display recently in the Lowson Memorial Church hall.

The company was inspected by Ann Sargent, a former officer with the company, and the prizes were presented by company chaplain Rev Karen Fenwick.

Rev Fenwick opened the evening with devotions and after the inspection of the company, the older Juniors entertained their parents and friends with a streamer dance, followed by a presentation of the company’s badgework which focused on God’s Creation and the wonders of the Rainforests.

They displayed the animals and pictures they created and the younger Juniors ended the entertainment section with a ribbon dance. Rev and Mr Fenwick then led the girls in some choruses before prizes were awarded to the following girls:-

Junior First Circle and Two Year Service - Chloe Callan and Keris Walker; Juniors First Circle and Three Year Service - Cheyenne Tosh and Chenai Clements; Junior First Circle and Four Year Service - Molly Hogg; Junior Second Circle and One Year Service - Katie Abercromby; Junior Second Circle and Three Year Service - Sarah Deans; Junior 1st Diamond and One Year Service - Eve Cassidy; Junior 1st Diamond and Two Year Service - Ashley Morrison, Alana Harvey; Junior 1st diamond and three Year Service - Nicola Porter; Junior 1st diamond and Six Year Service - Samantha Coyle; Brigader 2nd Triangle and Nine Year Service - Rebecca Duguid.

Trophies were awarded to Chloe Callan, Samantha Coyle and Rebecca Duguid for Perfect Attendance. The Best Junior Shield was awarded to Eve Cassidy. The Squad Trophy was won by Rebecca Duguid, Sarah Deans, and Ashley Morrison; the Menzieshill Rosebowl was awarded to Eve Cassidy while the Brigader Endeavour was won by Rebecca Duguid.

Rev Fenwick then closed the evening with a benediction.