‘Auld Letham’ night helps out village youth

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A Facebook page linking up those with an interest in “Auld Letham” sparked a get together in the village recently, and the money raised has been put towards facilities for the village’s younger generation.

Following the success of the Facebook page and reminiscing of days gone in the village, a reunion was held in the Letham Hotel which raised over £400.

Joseph Mitchell, who used to run the “scout hut discos”, came out of “retirement” to spin the discs from the early 1980s.

Supporters from far and wide travelled back to the village for the event, with the people from England and Strathclyde mixing with those who stay more locally.

However, former Letham lad Bruce Anderson won the prize for travelling the furthest - flying back from Thailand for the event.

His trip was made more memorable when he met members of his favourite band - The Prodigy - at Heathrow airport and had a pint with them!

It was agreed that the money raised should be split between two local causes which benefit younger members of the Letham community, with cheques being presented to the Basement project and the village Park Fund.

The money for the play park will held maintain the play equipment.

Shawn Moir, who was involved in organising the evening, popped along to the Basement last Tuesday evening to present cheques for £210.50 each to Kirsty Simpson of the Park Improvement Group and Kirsty McHardy, chairman of the Basement which is situated in the former library just off Letham Square.