Attracting visitors to Forfar area

THE SECOND of a series of three meetings about Forfar took place last Tuesday in St John’s Church hall.

Local organisations, individuals, councillors and staff from Angus Council were in attendance.

Councillor Ian McLaren welcomed everyone to the discussion and set out the agenda for the evening, before Lee Haxton, of the Local Community Planning Team, reminded participants about the previous work that they had done to get to this stage.

Norman Atkinson, from Angus Council’s Cultural Services, outlined the work that they are doing in the Forfar area in terms of managing a number of heritage attractions and assets and seeking to market them appropriately.

Neil Prentice, of the council’s Economic Development unit, provided information on what his service does to market Angus under the ‘Angus Ahead’ banner. Participants agreed that there was a wealth of useful and interesting information available to visitors once they arrived in Forfar and elsewhere in Angus, but the challenge was to get them here in the first place.

Participants agreed that there were four key issues that needed to be dealt with. Firstly, who should be targeted as potential visitors to Forfar; secondly, what are the attractions in the town that visitors would be interested in; thirdly, what media should be used to get the message out; and finally, participants agreed that local business, groups and individuals need to know what level of demand there is for accommodation and other facilities.

There was interest from the businesses, groups and individuals who were present to try and work on these issues, however there was no firm agreement to take these forward at this time. Angus Council elected members and staff confirmed that they are willing to support any community work in this area and asked anyone who was interested to contact the Local Community Planning Team.

Any businesses, groups or individuals who have time, knowledge, skills or experience should contact Lee Haxton on 01307 474788 and in the first instance.