Asda mostly a hit

Now that Asda is open and running we asked you what sort of an impact you think it has had on the town.

Many of you were full of praise for the store and its staff but also had a few concerns about the impact it has had on traffic flow and the possibility it could have repercussions on the future of smaller shops.

Nicki Thornton said: “I love Asda! It’s cheap, the staff are fabulous and the food is lovely.

“One negative though is the volume of traffic, which can’t be helped. I think there is going to be an accident with the cars waiting to turn right down New Road to Asda as they are taking chances and cutting through the red and the cars coming up are having near misses.

“The council should look at adjusting the time between changes to fix that issue.”

Kerry Fairlie said: “Asda is great for the town, people can now have a choice of places to shop. I also think it is healthy competition for Tesco, as people have mentioned prices creeping up.

“Plus it has created jobs for people which can only be a good thing.”

Marley Laurie said: “Personally I’m not a fan of Asda, but competition for Tesco is good.

“That said, I’m a bit concerned at the amount of branded shops making inroads in the town centre. I’m worried many of the small independent shops will be pushed out of business.

Gordon Farmer added: “At the end of the day people will settle for one or the other.

“It will even out in the end it’s the smaller shops that are affected the most not being able to compete with two big rival companies.”

Bob Fleming said: “I think Asda is good, the clothes shop is good and friendly staff as well, I do still go to Tesco from time to time but really don’t shop much there.

“I still use the smaller shops like Aldi and Farmfoods but it’s been good for the town and Asda are helping people back into work.

“But at the same time I just hope none of the smaller shops close.”

However, some were not so keen on the new Asda store.

Karen Watson Campbell said: “I’ve had a look around Asda and was not impressed by range or quality and went straight back to Tesco.

“I think the competition has made Tesco offer more deals so in the long run a good thing. I’ll still be using my local Co-op for emergencies but for me I prefer Tesco.

“I also think the employment boost for town has been a good thing with Asda.”

Scott Wilson added: “Do yourself a favour and make the time to visit ALDI’s and see what quality products, good deals and competitive prices they have. Traffic in this town of Forfar is a sight for sore eyes.”