Areas to improve on but much good at school

FORFAR Academy has been given a number of areas to improve on following a supported school review undertaken earlier this year.

The review team, which consisted of two principal teachers from the school, a senior manager from another Angus school, and three staff from the council’s educational development service.

Areas for improvement were mostly centred on making sure that everyone is aware of what is going on.

Comments by the review team said that the school should improve the way in which work is differentiated to suit all pupils. They also should raise the level of challenge and pace of learning.

Tutor Groups should be developed so that pupils, staff and parents all understand the purpose of these groups and ensure that their time is used effectively.

Support staff should use ‘On Track with Learning’ to involve pupils with developing their learning intentions and success criteria.

Form Tutors should also use ‘On Track with Learning’ to offer support and challenges to pupils as they manage their own learning within the school.

Staff should also regularly engage with pupils to find out their views about learning. What they find out should then be taken on board and acted upon.

It was also noted that literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing should be woven throughout the curriculum and should be the responsibility of all teachers within the school.

The team also found that there were a number of key strengths held by the Academy.

These included the good behaviour of pupils and the calm atmosphere within the school.

The report also concluded that there is a good quality of relationships between staff and pupils and the staff exhibit a great deal of commitment and care in supporting the pupils.

The school was also praised for the careful preparation for the introduction of extended tutor time.

The board have provided a broad and varied curriculum with diverse progression routes throughout the senior school. There are also ample opportunities for learners to develop and celebrate their wider achievement.

The wide range of extra-curricular activities was also marked as a highlight.

The report said: “The school has a good reputation in its local community.

“Parents feel that senior managers take their concerns seriously, are supportive and are committed to securing the best outcomes for young people.”

Neil Logue, director of education, said: “It is expected that the school will now draw up an action plan to show how the agreed areas for improvement will be taken forward.

“Progress against the agreed points for action will be monitored through the regular visits of the school’s link quality improvement officer and senior managers within the education service.”