Arbroath’s very own Avenger

What’s big and red and likes to pick fights with angry green things? You guessed it, it’s Iron Man in his Hulkbuster suit.

Arbroath artist Steve Wild this week unveiled his fully articulated and wearable homage to the enormous armoured fighting suit from Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

Steve Wild's Hulkbuster Ironman suit

Steve Wild's Hulkbuster Ironman suit

Designed by Tony Stark, the Hulkbuster suit, as you may guess, was created to fight fellow Avenger, The Incredible Hulk, should he go on an unstoppable rampage.

Steve has faithfully recreated (and dare we say, improved upon) the CGI Hulkbuster suit portrayed in the film.

Volunteering to don the bulky armour was Brodie Toriati whom you may remember last year also modelled Steve’s life-size Dark Angels Space Marine.

Our slideshow demonstrates the intricate process of getting the Hulkbuster ready for battle and the sheer skill it must have taken to create it. Well done Steve, we all know who we’ll be going to for Hallowe’en costumes next year!