Anything concrete on this block?

A KIRRIEMUIR historian is hoping that locals may have something concrete on a five-foot square block that was unearthed during recent excavation work at the top of the Roods.

David Orr, the chairman of Kirriemuir Heritage Trust, has learned that the block was unearthed during digging works ahead of the erection of a new dental practice for the town.

Understandably, workmen would have been unaware of the significance of the ‘find’ – and it has since been broken up.

But Mr Orr is led to believe that the concrete block may have been one of two originally used as a barrier to bring traffic coming into town from the north to a halt during the second world war.

“The road barrier would have been manned by the Home Guard at the time,” he told the “Dispatch” and “Herald”.

“I can also recall its secondary use as a base for a lorry body used as a weighing station during the berry picking season,” adds Mr Orr.

“If the block was indeed used to create a road barrier at the top of the Roods during the second world war then it is part of the town’s heritage.

“It may be that there is some photographic record out there, if not showing its initial use during the war then confirming its secondary use as part of a berry weighing station.

“As far as I can see there is no written history of the barrier, and, although it is unfortunate that the recently unearthed block has since been broken up, it would be great to have some record of its existence maintained for future generations.”

Mr Orr asks anyone who may have photographs of the barrier at the top of the Roods during world war two or the block in use as a base for the raspberry weighing station in later years to get in touch with him on 01575 572757.

He would even be keen to hear from anyone who has clear memories of the block’s original uses.