Annual awards presented to Army cadets

THE FORFAR Black Watch Detachment held its annual presentation evening in St Johns’ Church hall in Forfar recently.

Forfar is just one of 21 detachments in Angus and Dundee Battalion, Army Cadet Force.

The detachment is run by Adult Under Officer Paul Feltham and he organised a wide range of awards from trophies, medals and certificates with a few promotions thrown into the mix to reward the cadets for their hard work during the past year.

Paul was ably assisted by Sergeant Alan Whyte, an adult instructor who is a local stalwart at evening training nights and local community events attended by the cadets.

Also in attendance to give support and hand out prizes was the OC, Major Matthew Whatley and the Battalion Padre who also just happens to be the minister of St John’s Church, Andy McAfferty.

The cadets, both boys and girls from the age of 12 to 18, looked resplendent in the freshly laundered and ironed kit and bulled boots, waited excitedly but patiently in the wings, eager to march out in front of their parents, friends and other relatives, all hoping to scoop up a prize or two.

After the presentations, which went very well, photographs were taken of the cadet’s then tea and biscuits were laid on for everyone to enjoy.

The recipients of awards were as follows:

Best Section: 1, Section 2; 2, Section 1; 3, Section 3.

Sports: 1, Cadet Shirley-Anne Leslie; 2, L/Cpl Cameron Keith; 3, L/Cpl Emma Morrison.

Most Improved: 1, Cadet Kyle Morrison; 2, Cadet Shirley-Anne Leslie; 3, Cadet Jessica Bennett.

Best Attendance: 1, L/Cpl Emma Morrison; 2, L/Cpl Cameron Keith; 3, L/Cpl Andrew Millar.

Top Cadet: 1, L/Cpl Emma Morrison; 2, Cpl Kirsten Smith; 3, Cpl Caitlin Smith.

Best Shot: 1, Cadet Chloe McVicar; 2, L/Cpl Cameron Keith; 3, Cadet Deanna Watson.

Best Turnout: 1, Cpl Kirsten Smith; 2, L/Cpl Emma Morrison; 3, Cpl Caitlin Smith.

The Cadet’s Cadet is chosen by a voting system by all the cadets. This was won by Cadet Jessica Bennett.

The Platoon Sergeant’s (SI Whyte) choice was won by Cadet Kyle Morrison.

The Detachment Commander choice was won by Cadet Shirley-Anne Leslie.

Best Detachment Supporter was won by C/Sgt David Allan.

Cadet in the Community awards were given to the following cadets:

1st position: Cadet Kyle Morrison, Cpl Kirsten Smith, L/Cpl Emma Morrison, Cadet Shirley-Anne Leslie, L/Cpl Cameron Keith, L/Cpl Andrew Millar, Cpl Tammy-Lee Whyte.

2nd position: Cadet Samantha Lawerson, Cadet Cameron Kilcoyne, Cadet Chloe McVicar, Cpl Emma Young, Cadet Fraser Steele, Cadet Kieran Alexander, C/Sgt David Allan, Cadet Deanna Watson, Cadet Jessica Bennet.

3rd position: Cadet Paige McDonald, Sergeant Major Stewart Fertacz, Cadet Philip Smith, Cadet Adele Smith, Cadet Shannon Torrie.

The following cadets were promoted to Lance Corporals: Kyle Morrison, Fraser Steele, Cameron Kilcoyne and Samantha Lawerson.

If you know of anyone between the ages of 12 and 18, please tell them about the Army Cadet Force and what it can offer them.

Forfar Platoon train on a Wednesday evening between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. opposite the Factory Shop or ‘phone headquarters, Barry Buddon,on 01382 533349.