Angus schools benefit from ACU

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After a successful delivery of the “ Funny Money” workshop carried out last year to the Kirriemuir Cluster schools as part of the P7 transition day, Angus Credit Union were keen to provide this workshop to other schools in Angus.

Hayshead Primary School were the first school in the new term to get involved with the ‘Smiley Savers’ scheme, which provides the pupils with the opportunity to open up saving accounts which will be run by pupil tellers and volunteers.

The purpose of the scheme is develop good savings habits early in life, and also provide the pupil teller with valuable life skills in dealing with good time keeping, customer service, the importance of accuracy in completing forms and numeracy.

Both P6 classes at Hayshead Primary School participated in the ‘Funny Money’ workshops organised by Angus Credit Union which were developed and led by Paul Mitchell, development manager from the Angus Credit Union.

A spokesperson from Hayshead Primary School said: “The main activity involved the children in groups, working out the finances of an imaginary family, looking at income and expenditure. This raised the children’s awareness of the sources of money coming into a household and the ways in which it is spent.

“The children had to identify priority items to be paid to avoid essential services being taken away. The children then had to consider what to do with any money, if any, left over and the consequences of overspending on a budget.

“The children really enjoyed the workshops, as they actively had to go and collect money from the bank and then share it out to pay the bills.

“This fits in well with A Curriculum for Excellence in which the children learn through engagement in real life contexts.”

Paul Mitchell added: “Angus Credit Union are keen to encourage more schools in Angus to participate in our Smiley Savers Scheme, so we can extend our workshops.”

Any schools in Angus which would like more information can contact Paul Mitchell on 01307 463388 or e-mail