Angus MSP expresses concern over debt issues in Angus

GRAEME Dey has expressed concern over the number of people having to seek debt advice in his Angus South constituency.

The SNP MSP met recently with George Allan, head of service at Arbroath’s Citizens Advice Bureau, where he learned about the cases.

And he was advised by Mr Allan that the last four months have been the busiest he has ever experienced.

In the last 12 months almost 3,000 people have dropped into the Millgate centre for assistance, some of whom have been in a crippling financial state.

Mr Dey commented: “It really is quite alarming to hear about the financial turmoil some people are in.

“Of course some of the cases have been caused by the individual not considering how much they can afford to spend.

“However, there are also many instances where someone has been made redundant or suffered some other unfortunate event which has resulted in them having to go into debt.

“It’s sad to say but I believe the situation will get worse before it gets better.”

Around a third of all debt complaints made to the CAB in Arbroath concern consumer purchases and personal loans.

In the last year some 338 people were reported as being in debt as a result of credit, store and charge card debts while a further 107 complained of being in the red with catalogue and mail order companies.

An alarming 341 sought help with unsecured loans. Many of these cases involve payday lenders who commonly charge extortionate levels of interest.