Angus is one of the safest places to live

Violent crime, vandalism and domestic housebreaking are down and in a recent survey more than nine out of 10 people perceived Angus a safe place to live.

That was the encouraging message Tayside Police presented in their Police Performance Report to Angus Council’s Police and Fire and Rescue Sub Committee.

Angus Council Police and Fire and Rescue Committee is the group that will oversee the scrutiny arrangements for the new single police service in the Angus communities.

Superintendent Kevin Lynch told the committee that Tayside Police met three out of four of its crime targets in Angus by December with violent crime, vandalism and domestic housebreaking all seeing a reduction.

Importantly, there has been a 5.2 per cent decrease in violent crime in the same period and of these crimes 90.9% have been detected. There has been a slight increase in crime across Angus, 2.9 per cent up between April and November compared to the same period in 2011. However, it should be noted that this represents only 61 additional crimes across the county over eight months.

Additionally, the number of crimes of vandalism have decreased by almost 1% on last year’s results. There has been a slight decrease in the detection rate for these crimes, however number of crimes remain under enquiry and it is expected this position can be improved upon.

Domestic housebreaking, in Angus has decreased on the same period last year by 5.7 per cent, putting police Angus in a good position to achieve their target set for the year. Additionally the detection rate is currently 4.9 per cent above target.

There were 36 crimes recorded of offences for supply/possession with the intent to supply drugs compared to 37 last year.

Complaints regarding antisocial behaviour and in particular youths causing annoyance complaints have reduced by 24.7 per cent in comparison with the same period last year. Much of this success is attributed to the existence of Friday Night Projects in every town in Angus.

In a recent survey, over nine out of ten respondents, 96.2 per cent, perceived their neighbourhood in Angus to be a safe place to live. This indicates an improvement of 2.9 per cent compared to 2011 when 93.3 per cent of respondents were of the same opinion.

Overall, customer satisfaction in Angus remains at a very high level, with 95.1 per cent of those surveyed satisfied with their first contact with the police. This is above the target of 94 per cent and an almost 4 per cent increase on last year.

Superintendent Kevin Lynch said: “Angus is regarded as one of the safest places to live in Scotland. Community policing plays a vital role in keeping people safe, along with listen to the needs of the local community which is key to tackling, preventing and reducing crime.”