Angus Farmers Market set to welcome four new stallholders

RegularS at the Angus Farmers Market will be welcoming four new stallholders to the Myre on Saturday.

Hubertus Game sell a range of venison, red roe and fallow, also a selection of small game including rabbit, pheasants, partridge, pigeon and mallard.

They also sell home-made sausages and burgers, including wild boar and pheasant and cranberry. This is truly an exciting range of products all wild and free range.

Il Ponte Foods was started as a cottage industry by Alessandro Tato, an Italian from the south of Italy who now lives in Forfar.

Alessandro makes Italian breads, including Focaccia from an old family recipe.

In Italy every region has its own type of Focaccia. Alessandro makes a range including toppings of tomato, olives, rosemary and oregano bringing the taste of sunshine to the markets.

You will also find sour dough bread, Ciabatta and Panini.

Gartmorn Farm Poultry produce and supply the finest free range poultry.

Their products range is as extensive as it is succulent and includes everything from whole chickens, turkeys and ducks to a distinctive range of special cuts.

Gartmorn rear their poultry as nature intended therefore the taste and quality are truly exceptional.

Neil and Audrey Gammie from Fernieflatt Farm will be selling fresh vegetables and free range eggs produced on their farm at Kineff.

There are plenty of gift ideas for Mother’s Day next month. Choices include handmade soaps from Thistle Soaps, charmed jewellery from Lynne at the Charmed Choices stall and also farmyard ceramics from Eeksie Peeksie ceramics.

Gardeners will be spoilt for choice as Ashbrook Nursery will have a fantastic selection of spring flowers and bulbs.

Arbroath Fisheries have been missed at the market due to family commitments but they will be back for sure on Saturday with their first class seafood.

The farmers market products change naturally with the seasons and over the next few month seasonal stallholders will return.

Organisers hope the market will be buzzing with customers not only concerned about what they eat but also are keen to cut down on food miles.

The Angus Farmers Market can be found in the High Street, Montrose on the first Saturday of the month and The Myre, Forfar on the second Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.