Angus Council’s budget proposals

ANGUS Council’s budget for 2012/13 will be set on February 9. Council tax in Angus has been frozen for the past five years and the council’s finance spokesperson councillor Mark Salmond has confirmed that his budget proposals will maintain that position.

Councillor Salmond said: “All of the investments, developments and savings proposals I will be putting to the council for approval on February 9 are, as we stated last year, based on maintaining the council tax at the current level.”

Commenting on his budget proposals he added: “In the recent public budget consultation exercise we set out how we proposed to deliver our savings target and in their feedback Angus residents supported our approach and most of the potential savings proposals.

“Thanks to good financial management and a slightly better than expected settlement from the government we have been able this year to avoid a couple of savings proposals that people did not support.

“I can therefore assure residents that I will not be proposing any reductions in either road maintenance or the number of visiting specialist teachers in primary schools.”

Councillor Salmond also signalled his intention to include a new swimming pool and sports facility for Forfar in his capital budget plan.

He said: “The case for new facilities was established in the 2008 review of the council’s swimming pools and this administration made it clear that when resources allowed Forfar’s facilities would be redeveloped.

“I’m confident that we can now put an affordable package in place, so in the budget I will be proposing that the Forfar project is added to the council’s capital plan for future years.

“With that in place we can then begin the formal development of the project, starting with a community consultation about the kind of facility residents want for Forfar.”