Angus Council on the right track, but must improve

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Angus Council has responded to a report from the Accounts Commission advising them to up the pace of change to meet savings targets.

On Tuesday the local government spending watchdog released their report, recognising the council’s progress since 2010.

Angus Council faces significant financial pressures and must find savings of £26.5 million over the next three years, and according to the report this depends largely on the success of the Transforming Angus programme.

Douglas Sinclair, chair of the Accounts Commission, said: “Angus Council is heading in the right direction as an organisation but it is only now implementing initiatives which many other councils have already done.

“If the council is going to confront increasingly tough financial challenges, it needs to get more ambitious and speed up the pace of change.”

Angus Council Leader Iain Gaul responded: “Angus Council has undergone significant changes in recent years, both in structure and culture and the report commends our transformation programme. It acknowledges that our strategic approach is sound and the pace of change is increasing. We continue to embrace change and to demonstrate our agility in taking and adapting to the difficult decisions that must be made in challenging times.

“Our management structures are streamlined and more effective than before, we have established ANGUSalive - a culture and leisure charitable trust, and our shift to agile working will significantly reduce the number of buildings occupied by our staff.

“In the months ahead, we will talk with residents about our priorities and spending for the next 4-5 years. Strong strategic leadership and rigorous scrutiny ensures we can and will make the tough but essential decisions to achieve the budget cuts that must be delivered.”