Angus Council meeting set to change things

ANGUS Council met on Thursday night and agreed to change its senior management structure to meet financial pressures and to save approximately £385,000. Councillors agreed to reduce the number of directors from five to three.

Furthermore, top tier posts costs will be almost halved from £792,000 to £407,000 as a result of the changes.

The council’s working group had three options

- do nothing; cut the role of its assistant chief executive and one director; or create three new strategic director positions with new responsibilities.

Angus Councillor Iain Gaul told how the changes were necessary to prevent a slow, painful death.

He added that the first option, which was to do nothing, wasn’t an option and that the last option offered less drama for staff and was better for staff morale.

Under the new plans, a new temporary position, at a cost of £103,000 a year, will oversee the changes.

The chief executive, Richard Stiff, admitted that the council found itself under increasing financial pressures but he added that changes to the structure would, however, involve one-off costs for people who might seek early retirement or being made redundant.

The new director will be in charge of the citizens, community and the council. The citizen brief covers responsibility for services to individuals and families.

The communities role will take on the responsibility for the provision, development and also maintenance of both community services and assets which are currently overseen by several departments.

The council position will create a corporate lead for both business support, strategic and government functions.